The New JustPark Android App – With Navigation From WAZE

You may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago we launched our brand spanking new Android app – and, at the risk of sounding a little biased, we think it’s a pretty nifty bit of kit.

New Year, New App
The whole app has been completely redesigned and it’s crammed full of updates, improvements and some very exciting new features too. Check out the handsome devil below:

Screenshot_2016-01-20-17-20-18 (2)

Not only does it let you book any one of JustPark’s 150,000+ parking spaces on the go, but it’s now got information on parking zones, restrictions, and on-street prices – letting you make the best parking-based decision for every journey.

But today it gets even better – courtesy of our good friends at Waze.




Thanks to our integration with Waze, you now have the option of being guided to your pre-booked space with detailed turn-by-turn directions. All you need to do is download Waze along with our snazzy new Android app, and finding your way will be a piece of cake.

There’s no need to manually swap interfaces – simply book your JustPark space, click on the ‘navigate me’ button, and voila! Waze will be with you for every turn of the wheel until you reach your destination: no mistakes, no stress, no drama.

Traffic Updates
And that’s not all: Waze’s little magic trick is the way it accesses real-time traffic and road information. The app gives you live journey updates straight to your phone, using data collected and shared by its community of tens of thousands of UK drivers.

So if there’s a traffic jam, Waze knows about it. And you will too, because the app will redirect you via a less congested route – saving you time and petrol money. Clever, eh?

waze integration screenshot

To try out the new functionality simply head over to the Google Play Store and download Waze along with the new JustPark app – and enjoy pain-free parking for ever more.

And, if you’re loving the JustPark experience, why not give the app a quick review and help us spread the parking love?

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