The 7 Stages Of Realising You’ve Got A Parking Ticket

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There are some things in this life that can only be explained through the medium of owls. Getting back to your car to find a parking ticket is one such thing. For those scenarios where you don’t pre-book a space with JustPark (d’oh) and put yourself at the mercy of traffic wardens far and wide, take solace in our feathered friends, who say it so much better than we ever could.


The ‘Is That What I Think It Is?’

Categorised by the vain hope that your eyes might be deceiving you.



The ‘Oh My, It Looks Like It Actually Might Be’

Gah. Squinting didn’t make it go away.



The ‘Why I Oughtta…’

You’re ready to rumble, and it’s probably for the best that the person who issued this Yellow Square Of Doom is out of sight.



The ‘Seeing Red’

A searing pain in your big toe from booting the wheel hub is only making this whole thing more unpleasant.



The ‘I Tell You, If I Ran This Country’

Eyebrows and megaphone mandatory. Audience optional.



The ‘Emo’

There’s only one question left to ask. What if there isn’t enough black paint in stock at Homebase to paint your house to match your mood?




This is it. It’s really happened. A concerned passer-by pauses to offer you a shoulder.



In all seriousness though, getting a parking ticket sucks. But there’s a good chance – roughly 50%, in fact – that you’ll have grounds to successfully appeal the fine, and this brilliant guide from MoneySavingExpert explains how to go about it.

And don’t forget that you can avoid the traffic wardens altogether by booking an off-road space in advance next time. Good luck out there.

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