“Oh, I won’t ever forget that one!” JustPark investor Ivan tells us his worst parking nightmare

When we completed our crowdfunding round in March earlier this year, we added a-whole-nother dimension to the JustPark tribe: our new investors. Thousands of them. We had a hunch that this was going to be interesting, and we were right. It’s been a delight getting to know the people behind the share certificates.

Meet Ivan, a regular in the JustPark community inbox. (We can’t tell you his last name, but rest assured he’s almost definitely either Batman or The Stig.) Here’s what happened when we probed him about all things parking and beyond.


Hello Ivan! Thanks for talking to us. Can you remember your worst ever parking disaster?

Oh, I won’t ever forget that one! I was late for a crucial meeting and the car park sign said ‘Full’. So I just left my car on a double yellow line in front of the building and hoped for the best. When I came out several hours later, I found a parking ticket on my windscreen. Then I just went to grab a coffee, thinking that I should be OK for rest of the day. But… when I got back, my car had been towed away! The damage to my wallet was more than £250. This story has a happy ending though. I found out by coincidence that the car park sign was actually broken on that day, and therefore the council kindly reimbursed me most of the fine.

Yikes, good job you’ve discovered JustPark since. Fast forward fifty years to 2065. How do you think people will be getting around by then?

I think there will be many more electric cars, including solar panel ones. People will be ride-sharing a lot more. Cycling will become even more popular and it will be 100% safe, even for kids. And JustPark will become a major Tech company and will acquire Uber and Google 😉

Our lips are sealed. What inspired you to invest in JustPark?

Firstly I saw a Crowdcube ad featuring JustPark. Then as luck would have it, several days later, I was searching for a parking space and JustPark came up as one of the results. The space I found was better than all other offers on location and price. When I used it, I really liked the experience and value for money. The whole thing just made sense to me straight away. So to invest in the company via Crowdcube was one of my easiest decisions ever.

Tell us about your typical day as a JustPark user. How do you interact with the app and website?

Being an investor, I really try to use JustPark as much as I can both for planned trips and on an ad-hoc basis. If I’m at the office I use my desktop computer to see a bigger map. And if I’m looking for parking while on the go, I’ll pull over at the side of the road and make a booking using the app. I try to see how the experience goes every time and make a note of potential improvements (if any). Then I share my thoughts and feedback with JustPark team. The next thing I’d like to try is using JustPark on Apple Watch!

Your slide decks are a firm favourite here at JPHQ! Last question. If JustPark was a person walking down the street, what would they look like?

Cheerful, energised, friendly, walking fast but also mindful, welcoming challenges and new opportunities along the way, knowing exactly the destination, but happy to be flexible about the route. Happy to SHARE positivity and enthusiasm with passers-by. And wearing a green and white T-shirt of course! 🙂

We’re blushing now. Stay awesome, Ivan!


If, like Ivan, you don’t much like the sound of having your car towed to the tune of £250, book a space with JustPark and save yourself a world of pain.

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