The JustPark iPhone App Now Also Serves Space Owners

A few months ago we released a new and improved JustPark iPhone app to make life easier for drivers. A walk in the park, even, with thousands of bookable spaces at their fingertips.

But that’s only one half of the story.

We’ve been working hard since then to make life easier for our space owners too, and we’re psyched to announce that our latest app update, V 2.1, has been turbo-charged for this very purpose. Without further ado: here’s the lowdown on the JustPark app’s additional features that will benefit any space owner who already has a space listed with us.


1. View your bookings in the app to keep abreast of business while on the go.


2. See the driver’s name, photo, and type of vehicle, so you know who’s coming.


3. Call the driver at the tap of a button, for maximum ease of communication.

4. Get in touch with our customer support team at the drop of a hat / index finger.


This is just the first in a long line of product improvements. In the pipeline, we have more juicy features such as in-app-messaging  and push notifications. Watch this space!


Drivers. Thought we’d forgotten about you?

Never in a month of Sundays. Here are just a few things in the app that we improved for our drivers at the same time, to make parking even more of a piece of cake:

1. We’ve added new screen to let you know your booking has been confirmed.
2. Made it easier to access all the information you need about your bookings, including photos, parking space description and more.
3. Squished some bugs (big thanks to the eagle-eyed JustParkers who spotted these) and made further tweaks under the bonnet to improve the app’s overall performance.


The glittering shores of Parking Paradise beckon. Start your journey there today by nabbing the JustPark iPhone app on iTunes, or make a booking through our equally idyllic desktop site.

Till next time,

Team JustPark


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