world record for parallel parking

Breathe In… There’s A New World Record For Parallel Parking [VIDEO]

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Hooray! A Guinness world record with real-life implications, rather than a quest to find the person who can cram the highest number of boiled eggs under their armpits.

Alastair Moffatt, pending official confirmation from Mr Guinness, has crushed the previous world record for parallel parking of 10cm by squeezing his Fiat 500 into a space which was only 7.5cm longer than the vehicle itself. To put this into perspective – 7.5cm is about the same length as a Cadbury’s Freddo.

Here’s the history of parallel parking world records in a nutshell for posterity:

2012: Han Yue, 15.0cm
2013: Alastair Moffatt, 8.6cm
2014: Han Yue, 8.0cm
2015: Alastair Moffatt, 7.5cm

Credit to StuntDriveUK for organising and documenting this latest instalment in a glorious case of escalating rivalry, where the game is clearly on with Yue vs Moffat. The question is, can Yue powerslide his way back to the top of the leaderboard? Come on, Yue! 7.5cm! You could park a bus in that gap.

We have parking spaces a-plenty available for booking over at JustPark. (Rest assured, you’ll have significantly more wiggle-room than Moffatt did.)

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