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Football Parking… Are You Being Ripped Off?

It may be a beautiful game, but it also has its beastly side. We’ve done some digging and found that the average car-clad fan spends more than – brace yourselves – £450 on football parking alone over the course of the season. Ouch. Do things differently and you could save some serious pounds, freeing up funds for the funner side of football. Pies, anyone?

Following your team can be a costly business indeed, and footy fans are being squeezed of every penny for the privilege. Along with ludicrous ticket prices, fans are paying an arm and a leg for matchday parking, feeling the financial frustration of football before they even set foot in the stadium.

Arsenal fans not only shell out a minimum of £1,014 for a season ticket at the Emirates, but also pay over £830 in parking charges. Chelsea fans who drive to matches are hit even harder, paying an average of £888 on matchday parking over the season. But why talk in terms of money when pies and onesies do an infinitely better job of illustrating the point in hand?



football parking

Gunning for a better solution to parking woes

Gunners fans parking near the Emirates could save a massive £437 a year by booking a JustPark space close by for around £10 a day. With the money left in your pocket instead of spent on parking, you could indulge in:

  • 16 adult matchday tickets

  • 8 adult replica shirts

  • 54 Arsenal branded footballs

  • 14 Arsenal onesies



Feeling Blue? Let’s Chelsea what we can do about that

Chelsea fans could recoup even more of their costs by joining the savvy clan of JustPark drivers. Parking within a stones’ throw of Stamford Bridge costs as little as £12.50 per day, saving your average Blue a whopping £446.50 a year. That equates to a ton of terrace treats:

178 pies

football parking

223 cups of tea

football parking

 106 pints of lager

football parking

79 large burgers

football parking



Man, that City’s expensive.

While it may come as no surprise that fans of London clubs are paying top dollar to park in the capital, the figures also reveal that fans of both Manchester clubs are falling victim to parking rip offs. Man City supporters are being rinsed for more than the price of their tickets in order to park their cars, splashing out an additional £420 on top of at least £299 for a season ticket. Ouch.

It’s not exactly surprising that footy fans are fed up with forking out the fistfuls. To combat these costs, folks up and down the country are turning to JustPark to book a guaranteed space in advance and at a fraction of the price of traditional parking. Booking a space through us costs on average 50% less than commercial car parks on matchdays, and you can beat the post-match scramble without missing the gloriously tense last 10 ten minutes. For Man United fans, that means savouring every second of that Fergie time…

Ready to save literally hundreds of quid on your football parking? Great. Give us a whirl next time you’re off to catch a match, and with the spare cash, get yer mitts on those pies and onesies that are rightfully yours.



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