Parking Warden 2.0, A Sonnet

Because what the world really lacks is poems about parking.


Oh CEO*! Our streets await your stride.
Step forth with pride and take the pavement’s stage,
survey your tarmac’d kingdom beady-eyed.
The parking scene salutes a brave new age,
technology will change the way we park
with smartphone apps anon and pre-booked stays,
we bid adieu to PCNs**, and hark
as fisticuffs give way to peaceful days.
But what of Google’s new self-driving car?
We cannot trust a bot behind the wheel
to heed the double yellow or ANPR***
so, warden real, rule with your rod of steel!
(That said – the singularity looms ahead.
Perhaps you need a cattle prod instead?)


*Civil Enforcement Officer
**Penalty Charge Notices
***Automatic Number Plate Recognition



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