#ParkingLegend Richard:
Mastering The Peer-to-Peer Economy
Like A Boss

This guy knows where it’s at. Big time. Read on to meet a bona fide poster boy of the sharing economy, and stay tuned for a bonus cat-themed reward at the end. We’re nice like that.

Part of our community since 2013, Dutch-born Richard van der Leeden is a Wimbledon homeowner with his fingers firmly entrenched in lots of nutritious and delicious P2P pies – renting out all manner of things from driveway to car to cupboard. (We’re glad he overcame the Fear Factor of watching someone speed away in his Ford Focus for the first time.)


#ParkingLegend credential 1:

Using peer-to-peer platforms to facilitate a career hop

Having worked in IT for twenty years, Richard decided recently that it was time for a change. Whilst he plots his next professional move, he’s currently taking a bit of time out and keeping things ticking over by cashing in on the idle capacity of underused assets at home.

Richard rents out the spare parking space on his driveway with JustPark. His Airbnb room is regularly booked out by intrepid travellers. Empty cupboards are given a new lease of life by providing much-needed shelter to other people’s musical instruments through online storage marketplace Homestore. And finally, to complete the circle of P2P life (with the added bonus of maximising profits), he ploughs some of these earnings back into the sharing economy by investing in peer-to-peer lending startup Zopa (Hans Christian Andersen ain’t got nothing on this happy ending).


#ParkingLegend credential 2:

Managing parking-related issues in-house

There is oft many a furrowed brow when things go awry in peer-to-peer transactions and someone has to pick up the pieces. Fortunately it happens very rarely. But when it does, companies such as JustPark are a facilitator (or, in exceptional circumstances, a mediator) rather than a middle man, basically connecting the dots without colouring in the picture. What this means – dropping the jargonese and naff metaphors – is that drivers and partners are best placed to resolve any issues that do arise between themselves. Not that we’re lazy, mind. It is simply quicker and easier for members to tackle these things directly.

When a hapless parker accidentally backed into Richard’s car, which was parked across the street, the issue was amicably resolved between the two men and the insurance company. Like we said: like a boss.


#ParkingLegend credential 3:

Has two cats

‘Nuff said. The debate rages on here at JPHQ as to whether it is cats or their canine nemeses who will ultimately inherit the earth, and it is to the great pleasure of certain factions that Richard is clearly a cat person. Speaking of cats – and cars – we’ll leave you with this image of a Ferrari decked out as the internet sensation extraordinaire that is Nyan Cat. It belongs to a DJ called Deadmau5. (Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.)

Should you ever find your vehicle in need of a safe haven down Wimbledon way, you should definitely avail yourself of Richard’s space. It is the crème de la crème of parking spots. And if you have one of your own that you want to rent out, or you’re on the hunt for parking elsewhere, we’re on hand to answer all your parking prayers.


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