“It Felt Like Parking On A Friend’s Drive”, And 18 Other Reasons Why You’ll Love JustPark

You know. Just in case you weren’t sure.

So, what makes JustPark tick? We could string together some (high quality, of course) marketing gumpf – but that seems a bit pointless when our members do it so much better than we ever could, and with a sense of humour that makes ours sound like the Grim Reaper after being told he needs a filling. Having recently put out another call for feedback, here are 19 salient points we’ve harvested with joy and are tacking firmly to the JustPark curriculum vitae.

Needless to say, they’re all 100% real. Click here for the whole caboodle.


19. “Dick Turpin lives. Do not pay for expensive car parking… USE THIS SITE AND SAVE MONEY.”

Easy to use the site, saves you money, highly recommended. Car left in a safe place. This is my third time of using this service and so should YOU.

– Gracenote Palmer



18. “Ronseal of parking.”

It did what the name says.

– Ronney Bharucha



17. “It’s like parking on your friend’s drive.”

I said ‘good morning’ to the owner of the drive who was talking to his neighbours and someone was washing their car. It felt like I was parking it at a friend’s house; a brief friendly chat and I was on my way and walked the short distance, going past the queue to the car park. It felt safe and normal; I’d definitely use this service again. I also managed to leave promptly and again avoid the queues. Just make a note of the route you walk to help you remember the way back!

– Fiona Robinson



16. “It is in the top 2 of all apps on my smartphone.”

JustPark = JustPerfect. A brilliantly simple idea that has saved me hours of travelling around trying to find a parking space that was, at the same time, reasonably priced. I have used the app to park at some of the country’s biggest sports stadiums, always with ease and always at a great price.

– Paul Redding

[We’re waiting to hear which app beat us to first place.]

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15. “Easy to use, reasonably priced. Helps the local economy.”

– Josie Eve



14. “JustPark is my next best friend after me handy ‘Sally SatNav’ as my children have called it.”

No more stressing about where to park, running up huge car parking bills, and once it is programmed in to Sally SatNav… one’s own personal parking space all ready and waiting! It is heaven-sent, economical and eco-friendly.

– Heidi Bowcher



13. “Matches those who need parking and those who have parking!”

– R S T A


12. “No gristling children because they have too far to walk.”

Fit the bill so well. Enables you to park close to your chosen venue with great ease.

– N J Ayling



11. “As easy as slamming the car door!!!”

It is simplicity itself. Incredibly cheap when compared to public parking charges, just a short walk from where I need to be, so helpful and friendly as to beggar belief if you are as cynical about online businesses as I am. It’s like parking in the drive of a close and helpful neighbour.

– Graham Gemmell



10. “YOU get to choose the price and location to fit your own needs.”

You can search all over the country for places to park – not just for airport parking but for a parking space for work or one to use while out shopping for the day. You can usually choose a price to fit your budget in the area you want too. Added bonus, you get to see what other people who have used the service think about the service they have received, good or bad, to help you make up your mind.

– Mell Bukowski



9. “Park anywhere at an interesting price.”

– Renaat Beirens



8. “A wonderful alternative for parking when there is no parking at your hotel.”

This was a great alternative when staying at some hotels. That had no parking of their own. The website was very easy.

– Martha Walsh



7. “Would never use airport parking after discovering JustPark.”

You can park close at a fraction of the price. Home owners have been friendly and helpful, giving advice about how to get to your destination.

– Kerry Moss



6. “We’ve left our car on other people’s driveways a few times, all with complete satisfaction.”

– P Benson



5. “Car parking’s Best Kept Secret for football matches.”

I have been really impressed with JustPark as they have plenty of options to park near to football grounds. It takes the worry out of finding somewhere to park and stops the aggravation of parking in club car parks and waiting ages to get away after the game.

– Lord R W Scales



4. “A truly amazingly satisfactory Parking Solution.”

– M R Wootton



3. “A brilliant solution to a perennial problem.”

We were delighted to have been provided with an electric car charging point at our house free of charge – organised by the site using a taxpayer-funded subsidy!

– Mr C W V McCleery



2. “An easy way to park in an unfamiliar area.”

Easy to find available parking for special events such as concerts or sports events. Distance from destination, costs and ratings are provided to help make your choice easily.

– Bryan Cannon



1. “Parking Justice For All!”

A facility to find parking spaces without having to pay a fortune – justice at last!

– Carol Coughlan



Their words! Not ours! And with Judge Judgy’s stony yet ever-righteous glare, we’re signing off. If you’ve used JustPark in the past, we’d absolutely love it if you also left a review – firstly because we’re always keen to hear your thoughts, especially when they’re concerned with notoriously dashing highwaymen, and secondly because we thrive on feedback of all flavours to help us continue improving our service. (Judy is always watching. ALWAYS.)

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And if you’re on the hunt for a parking space right this very second… well now, you’ve come to the right place. Happy parking.


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