ice bucket challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge

JustPark ice bucket challenge ahoy! It’s time to raise money and awareness for ALS/MND, with added beach balls.

When our founder Anthony Eskinazi received a nomination from two separate friends to do the ice bucket challenge, there could be no escape. How hard can it be? The penguins are doing alright, aren’t they?

Motor Neurone Disease is a degenerative and as yet incurable medical condition, and there are 384 new cases diagnosed worldwide every day. With a charity bounty on the head of every JustPark employee that joined in – and the company promising to match this donation to BRAKE, a road safety charity – it was a scramble to the firing* line. 

Admittedly we achieve neither the signature panache of Benedict Cumberbatch, nor the staggering Ice Queen composure of Alistair Darling, but what we lack in these things we more than make up for with a surprise strip tease at the end. You’re welcome.


You can donate to MND/ALS here, without having to get your knickers in a chilly twist. However… we highly recommend doing both.

We hereby nominate fellow sharing economy bods BlaBlaCar UK, Zipcar UK and Zopa UK to carry the baton for the ice bucket challenge. Guys: you officially have 24 hours to GET WET.


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