Green parking

Green parking

Green parking

Despite the growing number of people who are walking, cycling or using public transport to reach their destinations, the UK Department for Transport predicts that car ownership will soar by 45 per cent in the next twenty five years. With the unrivalled safety and flexibility that private travel offers, cars, in one form or another, are here to stay.

With that in mind, you can't help but raise your eyebrows and wonder how all the extra cars are going to be accommodated. Space is becoming less readily available. It is, after all, a finite commodity and it's in huge demand as a result of fast-paced development and changing demographic trends - like the building of new housing to accommodate the growing population.

JustPark confronts the reality of car use and promotes space-efficient parking by tapping into a readily available but unexploited resource.

By enabling and encouraging compact, off-road parking, JustPark will prevent parked vehicles from clogging up the streets and contributing to congestion. This in turn will make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists and improve accessibility for public transport and emergency vehicles.

We also hope that JustPark will help cut down the amount of carbon emitted by vehicles circumnavigating areas in search of a parking space. You've probably never given it a thought but you'd be amazed at how much extra energy we burn as we drive round the block looking for a spot and queue to get into car parks. Cumulatively, it all adds up.

On a similar note, if property-owners use JustPark to make spaces available and parking easy for drivers around major public transport hubs, the service will help promote so-called 'integrated travel' whereby people use their car for one part of their journey before parking it and hopping on the bus, train or tube to reach their destination. That's much better for carbon emissions than driving the whole way.

And last but not least, if JustPark can preserve land by reducing the need to concrete over green turf and build new parking facilities, we'd be very happy.

Find out more about JustPark's green initiatives.

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