The JustPark Corporate Account

Find, reserve and pay for parking at 20,000+ locations across the UK – saving you 50%+ when compared with other providers.

How it works

JustPark simplifies parking for both employees and employers – offering a flexible, 5 star rated solution that’s tailored to the needs of your business.

With JustPark, parking can be booked for employees through a central account, either in advance or on-the-go.

If enabled, employees can also book parking for themselves and pay via their personal or business JustPark account.

Bookings dashboard

View past, present and future bookings to help employees plan their day – with detailed access instructions and easy navigation thanks to integrations with Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze.

Multi-date bookings

Reserve and pay for parking for multiple dates within the same booking – saving employees valuable time and helping them stay organised.

Save money on parking

Cut your bill by 50%+ with the cheapest rates other providers can’t offer.

No reliance on petty cash thanks to seamless online accounting.

Reduce the likelihood of Penalty Charge Notices with easy time extensions.

How are JustPark so much cheaper?

Intelligent, dynamic pricing - meaning you pay less during off-peak times.

Spaces in driveways, churches, hotels, offices and public car parks.

Fully-digital car park management, which vastly reduces costs.

Potential savings using JustPark, based on sample areas

Number of workers


Avg weekly frequency


Annual savings


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Reporting capabilities

We send you a monthly report on all activity for the previous month – including parking locations, times and costs.

You save time on admin, with user- friendly reporting to simplify expenses, client billing and accounting.

Spend summaries allow you to easily manage parking expenses effectively.

  • Extensive reports showing all parking transactions and details: employee, vehicle registration, location, times, VAT and total cost.
  • Monthly statements and invoices sent to one central payment account
  • All receipts stored indefnitely

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