Business parking made easy

With our business account, you can book premium parking for your employees at a nearby location and pay less than what other providers charge.

How it works

A business account with us costs no more than £2 per driver, per month. And once you’re set up, you can book short or long-term parking for your employees in advance or on-the-go at affordable rates.

Using our platform, you can add or remove drivers in just a few clicks and pay for all business parking with one central account.

Your employees can also book parking for themselves and pay with their personal account or your business account.

Real-time bookings dashboard

See all past, present and future bookings at a glance and keep an eye on transactions and expenses.

Multi-date bookings

Reserve and pay for multiple dates in one booking, so your employees don’t have to spend time looking for parking.

Saving you time and money

In London, the average driver spends 67 hours per annum looking for parking, costing them £1,104 and the city £4.3 billion per year. Overpaying for parking costs drivers up to £209 each per year and fines total £1.2 billion per annum*.

Book guaranteed parking at safe and verified locations.

Boost productivity with less time spent on searching for parking.

Avoid overpaying and fines by reserving and paying for parking in advance.

*Source: Inrix Research: The Impact of Parking Pain in the US, UK and Germany, 2017

Why our rates are more affordable

We use a fully digital platform that lowers costs.

We partner with hotels, local businesses and public car parks.

We offer competitive rates other providers can’t meet.

Potential savings, based on sample areas

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Avg weekly frequency


Annual savings


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Accurate reporting

We’ll send you monthly reports with details on parking locations, times and costs.

With our user-friendly reporting, we’ll help you simplify expenses, client billing and accounting – so you can save valuable admin time.

You’ll also get handy spend summaries to help you streamline parking expenses.

And because everything is online and in one place, you can store receipts indefinitely.

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